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Baseus W3 True Wireless Earphones

  • Shallow in-ear noise reduction physical noise reduction system effectively reduces environmental noise and fits Asian humanity
  • Hi. Fi immersion sound quality customization 10mm moving coil unit has a wide sound field, three-band balance and pure original sound
  • Audio and video synchronization, low latency, advanced Bluetooth 5.0 solution, anti-interference, stable transmission, audio and video synchronization.
  • Low latency, clear calls without interference, MEMS micro-electric microphone, high sensitivity and clear radio, no fear of noisy
  • 18-hour composite battery life listening to music continuously connects to the large-capacity charging compartment to replenish the battery at any time. With the low-power Bluetooth protocol, it can continuously listen to songs for 18 hours without going online, and wait for up to 300 hours.

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