Name: Baseus Encok True Wireless Earphones
Model: Baseus Encok WMO1 Plus
Material: ABS
Version: V5.0
Communication distance: 10 m
Standby time: 300 hours
Music time: 5 hours (70% of the volume)
Music listening duration with the charging box: 50 hours
Battery capacity: 40mAh/0.148Wh (earphones) 800mAh/1.11 Wh (charging box)
Earphone rated input: DC5V=50mA
Earphone rated consumption current: 8mA
Charging box rated input: DC5V=880mA
Charging box rated consumption current: 96mA
Charging time: 2 hours
Charge interface: Type-C
Suitable for: Compatible with all wireless devices
Wireless 5.0,
Dual Transmission and Interconnection
Agile Touch Control
PU Composite Film for Super Bass
Intelligent Digital
Display of Battery Level &

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